TODAY: Valentine’s Day from a Man’s Perspective

Modern Valentines Day for Men

Written by: Bruce Latta, Banker at HomeTown Bank of Alabama

OK Men…here comes the big day! The one day of the year that we are supposed to shower our wives, girlfriends and significant others with love. Will it be roses, candy, stuffed animals or a nice dinner for two? Will you wash her car, do the dishes or vacuum the house?

Hmm, I think I may want to go in a different direction here.

We men spend hours upon hours reading Golf Digest only to figure out why they call golf, “the unbeatable sport”. Many more men read bass or hunting magazines and spend many hours fishing or hunting in the cold with no success, but can’t wait to get out there the next day to try again. There are others that spend countless hours on a guitar trying to “bend those strings” to be the next Eric Clapton. But as I write this, I wonder how many men spend that much time on their relationships with the most important person to them here on Earth?

There are things in life that we hear that just stay with us! I once knew of a great man that was truly an accomplished golfer. He spent a lot of time on the golf course improving his game. This man was struck with a terminal illness that changed his whole perspective. His return to the golf course was now different. He had never taken the time to notice the squirrels playing in the trees around him, or watch and listen to the birds sing, or smell the fresh cut grass in the spring. Those things were important to him now and golf just didn’t seem that important any more.

I would like to challenge my brothers out there that are thinking about the big “V” day this year. I challenge you to get the book, The 5 Love Languages by the late author Gary Chapman. I also challenge you to identify your special love’s main love language that identifies what cranks her tractor. I challenge you to put as much time and research in this quest as you do mastering the putting stroke, fishing, or hunting. It may just change your life!

Once a famous minister said he was convinced that God formed a woman from the ribs of a man. He did this for a reason. The rib cage protects our heart, thus a woman is the main protection around a man’s heart. Let me just say that dinner and movie is a great idea! But I challenge you men out there this year to just take a walk with your wife or significant other and hold hands. Take the time to watch the squirrels play, listen to the birds and just take in the aromas of God’s great creation that is around you. But most of all cherish the one you are holding hands with and what she means to you not just on Valentine’s Day but every day.

I leave you men with some special lyrics from Mr. Brad Paisley from his hit song “TODAY”:

“And as the seasons change and time goes by,

when your hair is gray and so is mine,

I know for sure that you are gonna be, just as beautiful as you are to me……….TODAY.”