The 52 Week Money Savings Challenge

Saving money is a goal that most all of us could stand to refresh and focus on at any point in our lives.

But the beginning of a year brings in a newness that can help reset those objectives, so we’re taking full advantage of that.

Here’s a fun and relatively easy idea for saving money each week that you can start anytime you’re ready!

Before we explain the rules, here’s a list of what you’ll need:

1 extra large jar that you can pick up at any HomeTown Bank location

A list of the weeks in the year which we’ve printed out for you at our HomeTown locations. Also accessible below:


You’ll also need a couple pieces of tape (those are on you!)


You’ll see that the list of weeks in the year starts with the week of January 1st and goes all the way to the week of December 31st. The 52 rows represent all 52 weeks of 2018.

On week 1, which is January 1-7th, you’ll put just one dollar in your savings jar. (Any day of that week is fine, as long as a dollar goes in!)

On week 2, you’ll put in two dollars.

On week 3, you’ll put in three.

Do you see where we’re going with this?

By week 52, you’ll contribute $52 dollars to your savings jar, which equals a grand total of $1,378 saved over the course of 2018.

Not bad for just putting money into a jar, huh?

What do you think? Are you game to try this challenge with us?

If you need any accountability partners, head on over to Facebook, and we’ll share and support each other’s progress!

Ready, set, save!

Want to see this challenge in action? Check out our Common Cents team over at