Showing the Love without Breaking the Bank










Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day draws near! And we want to share some creative ways you can show the love without breaking the bank this year.

And whether you’re single, taken or will be spending Valentine’s Day with friends, these ideas can work for any special occasion!

First up…Instead of making a fancy dinner reservation, turn your own dining room into a 5-star restaurant.
Pick a low-pressure recipe, set the table, get out the candles and maybe even require a dress-code for your dinner in!

Number two…Make your own Valentine’s cards.

Instead of settling for cards that don’t quite say what you want them to say, why not use your own words to give your Valentines the perfect message?

*Parents can use this trick, too! Instead of buying cards for a classroom or two, why not have an art night with the kids, and create custom Valentine’s cards?

Plan a dessert and movie night. This can be a super fun option for a group of friends!

Have everyone bring a dessert to sample while you watch a favorite movie. The more chocolate, the merrier!

Number four…Pick your own home-grown bouquet! If your Valentines love flowers, consider using what’s in your garden as something lovely to give!

And if your garden is a little bare, grab flowers from a grocery store or local market. They are usually cheaper here, and are sourced from local farmers.

And finally…Take a trip down memory lane. Reminiscing through old photos, videos or stories is a free and meaningful way to spend time with those you love.

Ok, which one of these is inspiring to you in time for Valentine’s Day?? If you have any other fun ideas, share with us over on Facebook!