5 Not-So-Typical Ways to Move Your Finances Forward

Move Finances ForwardPrioritizing and managing money shouldn’t only be a focus during the new year or at certain points in life, but should be ongoing as a lifestyle.

We’re sharing a quick and doable list of 5 not-so-obvious ways that you could save some money, and get ahead on your finances!

And who doesn’t want that??

Save money on food by taking some time to meal prep!

Doing this not only saves you time on having to cook during the workweek, but is a great alternative to buying lunch or dinner out.

Walk more, weather-permitting!

Walking when you can instead of driving saves money on gas or parking in the long run!

Adopt a reusable water bottle.

At the rate at which Americans use and throw away water bottles, we’re wasting a potential $1,400 a year to stay hydrated. Yikes!

A reusable bottle solves that problem the first time you refill it!

Set up one auto-savings plan.

By this, we just mean pick a savings account with transactions on auto-pilot each week, month or quarter, so that you have money being saved without even having to think about it!

Schedule and get a health physical.

Keeping track of your health baseline saves money on preventative care or treatments in the long-term!


What do you think? Are there any other not-so-obvious money-saving or money-managing tricks you rely on?

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Want to see these ideas in action? Check out our Common Cents team over at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sO3L2u50FlM&t=17s!