Steps to Take NOW to Ensure Easy Tax Filing in April


You know what they say… You can’t avoid death or taxes!

And because tax season is just around the corner, we’re sharing some steps you can take now to set yourself up for tax success in the Spring!

Get organized, and set up your system.

Whether you use software, apps or store your receipts and forms in a shoebox – now is the time to refamiliarize yourself with how to access and use your own system.

Choose a tax-preparer, or set up a meeting with your tried and true.

The earlier the better when it comes to finding a CPA or working with a company to file your taxes. Get on their radar as soon as you can to set up ample time to organize your taxes!

Investopedia shares a great piece on how to find the best tax-preparer, based off of your needs.

Gather your forms.

If you have W2s, 1099s or health insurance confirmations, collect them and keep them together, as you’ll need these for your filings.

Here’s a list of some of the most common types of filing forms, for your reference!

Organize receipts or bank statements.

In the same way, start to collect receipts you’ve saved or bank statements that show write-offs or expenses.

Decide whether you’ll ask for a filing extension.

Once you have your materials, check in with yourself and your timeline to see if it would be beneficial to ask for a filing extension. Sometimes knowing you have a few more months to get organized can make all the difference!

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